Werewolves 171: Night of the Krampus! Day Four

After the brief storm that accompanied Perchta’s demise night settled in cold and icy. Just outside of Possum village sat a squat hut with just the barest glimmer of light peeking out. There then came a shout from within the squat hut.

“Fork! Why is it so forkin’ cold!”

Eleanor’s fire had just died for the seventh time that night.

“Fork this forkin’ shirt! Why the fork did I ever leave Arizona?!? I didn’t have to deal with any forkin’ goats, I’ll tell you that much! I forkin’ HATE forkin’ goats!”

Eleanor paced around their short squat hut in a t-shirt, yoga pants, and flip-flops. A wise person once told them that there’s no such thing as bad weather; just inappropriate clothing. Well, no one ever accused Eleanor of being wise…

“Janet! Michael! Chidi! Jason? Where the fork are you guys?!?”

*clip clop clip clop clip clop*

A rap rap rap came at Eleanor’s door.

“What the fork?,” asked Eleanor as they opened the door. “I swear, if you’re one of those forkin’ goa- GLURK!”

A silver blade stuck out and sliced Eleanor’s throat stopping their rant mid-rant.


Meanwhile, within the village sat a cozy little home. And that cozy little home had a cozy little basement. And in that cozy little basement sat a child and their drum.

*ratatat ratatat ratatatashplat*

“Ah, dang.”

*ratatat ratatat ratatatakronk*

“Ah, dang.”

*ratatat ratatat ratatatatadurnk*

“Ah, dang.”

Just then, two glowing red globes appeared before them.

“Here, child, let me show you how it’s done.”

And with that Krampus thrashed the Little Drummer Ralph like Bonzo grooving on Moby Dick before stuffing them in their Sack and they were never ever never seen again.


Welcome to Day Four.


Rupert the Elf- the slightly amoral adopted child of St. Nick. Due to their shades of gray they are able to discern between the village Children and Pechtra’s crew. (Investigator who each night is told if a chosen player is a Wolf/ not a Wolf. Krampus and the Goat Harasser read as not a Wolf.)

The Mad Glitter Bomber- glitter bombs anyone in sight, sometimes even themselves, which leaves that person in a state of confusion. (Jailer who each night chooses a player to keep from harm and also stop them from committing any night actions. If they bomb themselves their next day’s vote will show but will not count in the final tally. If they Jail the Wolf carrying out their Kill the Kill won’t go through. If they Jail Perchta the Kill will still go through but their random power will be blocked.)

St. Nick- each night will choose a player to bequeath a random gift to.

The Children (7) The mostly sweet and innocent denizens of Possum village. (Vanilla Town.)


Wolves- 2

Perchta- The most awful Ice Majesty of Tonka Mountain. (Lead Wolf that will choose a Vanilla Wolf each night to commit their kills. Also, each night will receive, randomly, one of the following actions: Role Blocking/Investigation/Invisibility/Curse/Charm/Heal. If Perchta investigates Krampus or the Goat Harasser they will be seen as such. If all Vanilla Wolves die than Perchta will commit the kills as well as their random action. Team Perchta wins win when all others have been banished to the Black Chasm (Graveyard) or they have a majority.)

Yule Goats- Underlings of their awful Majesty Perchta. (Vanilla Wolves.)

Krampus- Hates everyone and will beat them with sticks and toss them into their sack never to be seen again. (SK who will select a player to be put in their sack. That player will join Squad Krampus instead of going to the Black Chasm (Graveyard.) Krampus wins when they’ve captured five players or is the last living player standing.)

The Goat Harasser- Sits off in a lonely cabin seething and cursing at Perchta and the Yule Goats. (Backup Serial Killer who is activated if Krampus is killed within the first three nights. Does not inherit Krampus’s sack and their victims go straight to the Black Chasm.)


Sequence of Night Actions: Glitter Bombing->Perchta/Rupert/St. Nick->Killz

Ties at Twilight will be dealt with by RNG between the top vote getters. 

No quoting from your DM without hoho approval. 

No editing of comments without hoho approval. 

No less than three comments per Day without hoho approval. 

Attack arguments, not people, and be nice to each other or else hoho Krampus will whisk you away!

Many ❤️❤️❤️ to Kaddish for developing this game with me!


1) Cop on the Edge-ish- Xmas Song Bot

2) sic- Ghost of Christmas Almost Was ST. NICK

3) Mrs. Queequeg- Robot Santa Claus PERCHTA

4) MSD- Eleanor Shellstrop THE GOAT HARASSER

5) April- A Satyr A YULE GOAT

6) Chum Joely- Chumpjoleon Dynamite

7) Grumos- Hermey the Elf

8) Ralph- Little Drummer Ralph A CHILD

9) forever1267- Radical Drinks Drinker

10) Goat- Bad Santa A CHILD

11) malthusc- Chidi Anagonye

12) Copywight- Ghost of Xmas Never-On-Time

13) Nuka Betty- Eater of Cronchy Porridge

14) Tiff- Baby Mighty Kraken John

15) DourifLeMoko- Bean Bunny

16) Narrowstrife- ? THE MAD GLITTER BOMBER

17) Lindsay- Dominic the Donkey Hee Haw A CHILD

18) emm- ? (I mean, we all know it’ll be Kitty Witless but…) A CHILD

19) jake- Ripley

20) Indy- Zombie Buzz


1) Side- Pepperoni Pizza Combos