The Emergency Weekly Games Thread Know The Opposite Of Love Is Not Hate, But Indifference

Hi Games Thread! I mentioned last week that I have a habit of finding games that I love and loathe in equal measure, and playing them far past the point a normal person might have given in, out of hope that they either get good enough to justify my time investment or else get bad enough that I don’t feel bad about abandoning them. Longtime posters might remember my decent into madness last year playing Crash Bandicoot 4, a perfect example of this phenomenon.

So, what are some games like this for you? Maybe the story ends happily, with the game finally realizing enough of its potential for you to feel vindicated. Or maybe it ends with you absolutely despising a game that frankly isn’t worth it. Either way, it makes for a fun story!

And/or, what have you been playing lately?