The Muppet Christmas Carol Deleted Songs Night Thread

As we all know, we appreciate the Muppets on a much deeper level than most here. I’m sure you’re all familiar with The Muppet Christmas Carol, which is arguably the most faithful and best adaption of the book. But, did you know that depending on the version of the movie you watch there are as many as three songs you won’t see?

The first is “When Love Is Gone”, which Belle sings as she breaks up with Scrooge. The song was cut from the movie during test screenings, but has been available inconsistently since; the video master and negative were lost during the editing process so while the fullscreen video releases had the song, widescreen releases did not.1 In 2020, the missing negative for the scene was found and the widescreen version scene was restored…and uploaded to DIsney+ as an extra, instead of reinserted into the movie where it belongs. In an attempt to limit the number of embeds, I’ll add links here to the scene and footage of the recording session. Definitely watch the scene if you haven’t seen it before; Meredith Braun has a lovely voice, and Scrooge’s palpable heartbreak is as emotionally affecting as anything else in the movie, even Tiny Tim’s death.

Uh…spoilers, I guess.

The second and third songs are a little more interesting, in that no one has ever seen them. There are two songs on the movie’s soundtrack that were recorded and then cut before filming began. While it’s easy to see why they were cut since they wouldn’t have advanced the plot, it does mean that Muppets who don’t usually sing lost their moment in the spotlight.

“Room In Your Heart” would have occurred early in the movie, when the charity collectors visit Scrooge’s office. Hear Bunsen sing! Hear Beaker…uh, dance! Okay, that might have been more impressive if they’d filmed it.

“Chairman of the Board” would have been about a third of the way through the movie. Sam the Eagle, as the headmaster of young Scrooge’s school, sings about the value of education and hard work. It’s a perfect song for Sam, but that wasn’t enough to keep it in the movie.

Have a good night, everyone!