30 Day Board Games & More Challenge Day 19: Best Quick Games

This challenge was produced with the help of Mr. Ixolite for the prompts!

With the month of December here, that tends to mean a lot of family gatherings or time with friends where it’s definitely easy to pull out a board game and play. We’ll be covering a wide range of topics across the month with it and today we’re talking about games that are meant to be played very quickly! These are the kinds of games you can pull out without doing hardly any setup, just play a few rounds of, and be able to put it away quickly. One of my favorites as a teen, making it clear that I was “that guy,” was a travel chess set that a few of us would have and play at lunch at school. Suffice to say, it was not the cool table. But overall, UNO continues to be our go-to quickie game. What’s yours?

Bonus Prompt: What’s your least favorite quick game?