The Friday Politics Thread Has The Music!

It’s Friday! (yay!) I’m in a musical mood so I’m going to devote another Friday to a political song I love.

Once upon a time an incredible band known as They Might Be Giants had a kooky idea. What if they were record some original music, fake ads, and other weird ramblings to an answering machine? That delightfully idea led to Dial-A-Song! Operating from 1985-2008 lucky callers could if the line was willing and the machine don’t fry could hear something wonderful!

This is where today’s subject comes in. Communists Have The Music is one of my favorite songs from this project. A delightful, upbeat, and light sounding rock song about a musician being interrogated by the House Unamerican Activities Committee! (HUAC)

He’s coming to get you Barbara!

Some lyrical highlights include the song starting off right by taking a delicious shot at libertarians: “I got handed an Ayn Rand sandwich, straight from the can. It tasted so bland.” Then we’ve got the chorus where the singer gives us his opinion on the sartorial tastes of several groups: “I’m not partial to the martial Or the plutocrats, in their beaver hats And the fascists have the outfits But I don’t care for the outfits What I care about is music And the communists have the music”

What do y’all think of this cute song? How do you interpret it’s lyrics? What’s your favorite TMBG song to Hog Poggle to? Let me know in the comments and Remember: “Be excellent to each other (especially Mayor McSquirrel who you should not threaten)