The Winterbolt Night Thread Turns Into a Tree

Rudolph & Frosty’s Christmas in July is often referred to as “The Avengers of Rankin/Bass specials,” but a more accurate way to describe it would be “bizarre as all fuck!”

Anyway, the film’s villain, Winterbolt, is a powerful sorcerer who wants to take over the world by giving the children of the world twice as many toys as Santa, thus making them lazy and dependent on them, thus making him their master (ummmm… does that work exactly?). To do this, he becomes obsessed with destroying the only thing standing in his way–Rudolph’s magical red nose (ummmmm….wow, Winterbolt, may want to reevaluate your life goals). Once he accomplishes this by tricking Rudolph into playing a part in robbery (Rudolph’s nose dies once it’s used for an evil purpose, because again, this film is bizarre as all fuck), Winterbolt decides he wants a snowman army, and then gets a new obsession: stealing Frosty the Snowman’s hat.

Long story short, things backfire, and Winterbolt’s scepter gets destroyed by a character he’s never met before. This is bad news for Winterbolt, because when this happens, he….turns into a tree.

There’s a lot to unpack here. I mean Winterbolt knows he will turn into a tree should his scepter ever get destroyed. Did he make some deal to get it? On the agreement that he would get unlimited power in exchange for the potential fate of turning into a tree if his scepter ever get destroyed? Does he worry about it? “Oh, shit, I nearly dropped my scepter! I was THAT fucking close to becoming a tree!” And why? WHY A TREE? And why does he spend his final moments explaining what’s happening to him?

Rudolph and Frosty’s Christmas in July is fun as a weird-ass Christmas movie, but it also has no franchise continuity whatsoever to speak of and feels really long (there are three love songs, including one that gets sung in its entirety twice). But hey, it features the strangest villain demise maybe ever, so that’s something.

Have a great night, you beautiful people!