WITCH-HUNT! – Wednesday Politics Thread

In case you’ve been hiding in a cave like a pathetic mewling child curled up in your mommy’s arms, afraid the light of truth might reach and hurt your myopic sheep eyes, yesterday, in the dead of night, the democrat party did the unthinkable: They avoided yet another potential government shutdown that our Glorious Leader’s most fervent and loyal subjects have been attempting to cause in order to save this beautiful republic of ours from self destruction.

And while you were feebly suckling at the teat of the crooked establishment elites, the demoncrats’ witch-hunt of good gentile men of faith proceeded. The “Insurrection” myth (cooked up by none other than the powerful warlord from Kenya, Barry, still in full control of the crooked party from behind the scenes) has now reached Our Great Leader’s closest allies, who were by his side when the elite-funded and extremely violent antifa attempted to overthrow his rightful calling and smear his legitimacy to rule over this magical land.

What this means, you slow-witted pus gargling heathens, is that the establishment demoncrats will proceed with a criminal referral to Brandon’s Department of Justice, pushing that lazy do-nothing Garland into bringing charges of contempt against the sainted and courageous soldier, Mark Meadows. Now watch how the very party who pretends to want to abolish all prisons will also screech their bloodthirst demanding Garland immediately and without due process lock-up innocent law-abiding citizens and throw away the key.

Let me remind you, you worthless empty husks, that famed world-respected journalists never once blamed antifa for the tourists doing touristy thingies on January 6, 2021. Not once!

As respectable journalists of the highest integrity, it is always their duty to present you with both sides of the story: The fascist’s and the whatever’s. When a respectable journalist announces that antifa was responsible for the damages done on January 6th, they were simply referring to other extremely credible sources who were making these anonymous statements at the time. Or making light banter about their aging and ailing auntie Fah.

The award-winning and very respectable Dear Leader Propaganda channel thrives on telling you the news you should believe. That you should accept it all despite obvious documented facts is on you. That you never question what your very eyes are telling you is on you. Never forget that when the time comes for you to testify in front of Congress and Brandon’s inJustice Department.

And let us be clear: You willfully accepted their truth, their news, their version of facts, because we all understand that your very privilege, your very entitlement and god-given superiority is under attack. Just remember, that while your mind has become nothing but a desiccated overpriced loofah thirsting for a bit of ivermectin with a generous dash of cruelty towards those you spent a lifetime marginalizing and othering, the demoncrats persevere with their Witch-hunt. Unchallenged!

Have yourselves a great day, you filthy nasty sheep!