Sports Corner Salutes Steph Curry

On Tuesday night, Steph Curry became the NBA’s new king of three pointers. Or rather, he set the record for most three pointers in a career. Lord knows the man has been king of the trey for years. And he managed to do it on national TV. At Madison Square Garden. After a long night waiting for the Warriors’ plane to be fixed so they could fly to NYC. Nothing like a little drama and a little glitz to make the night more special. But Steph isn’t about drama or glitz. He’s about a style of play that is graceful, beautiful, elegant, and smart. And about that three pointer drained from pretty much anywhere.

Elsewhere, COVID rates are rising across the sports landscape (as they are across the nation and the world), the NHL might be ready to say no to the Winter Games, Dan Snyder is even worse than we knew (again), college bowl season is about to start, and there’s no sign of any negotiations in the baseball lockout. And while I can’t entirely explain it, half of the world is up in arms about a re-draw in the Champions League and the other half is still debating the stunning end to the Formula One season. (I turn to our resident F1 expert to show us the way.)

Lastly, RIP beloved baseball executive Ronald Hemond, former Broncos WR Demaryius Thomas, and 2021 Kentucky Derby winner Medina Spirit.