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I have a gin and tonic in my hand (The Botanist Gin and Fever Tree Mediterranean tonic, if you must know) and I have had a HELLUVA day. I’m shocked a super villain wasn’t involved. Like a comically intense day.

ANYHOOOOOO…..stuff!! Stuff continues to just, like, HAPPEN. Every day. A lot of stuff. Let’s talk about some stuff.

Somebody wasn’t cooperating so much as he was cooper-faking:

Go read Kyle’s tweets from yesterday. Very informative. Mr. Meadows is in some pretty deep poop.

Yes, please:

I’ll take “Things We Saw With Our Very Own Eyes” for $200:

OK!! That’s 4!! Must be the G&T making me generous. Owen is going to post next week so I expect you to all be on your best behavior. Hold the door for someone. Do something nice for yourself. Buckle up, the holiday season is nigh. We can do this, with an extra helping of grace.