Musicals Thread (Saddest)

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Musicals have had a reputation as vehicles for fluffy escapism, and they certainly sometimes can be, but plenty of fans will attest to their ability to leave one an emotional wreck. Some of the most well-known shows are rife with death, betrayal, or heartbreak. I’ve written before about “Stay Alive (Reprise)” from Hamilton (, which would be near or at the top of my list of such scenes. Today, though, I’d like to highlight “Sonya Alone”, from Natasha, Pierre & the Great Comet of 1812. Sonya has been rejected by her best friend and burdened with a potentially ruinous secret. Nevertheless, she reaffirms her devotion to Natasha and vows to do whatever she can to protect her from her own poor decisions (“if I never sleep again…I will hold you back by force”), even as she laments the lost relationship. Brittain Ashford’s voice trembles as if she’s about to break down sobbing any second.

What musical (or character, song, moment, etc.) makes you want to cry (literally or figuratively)?