The Elmo Night Thread Saves Christmas

1996 truly proved to be the year of Elmo. Not only did it give the world the toy store insanity that was the Tickle-Me-Elmo craze, but it also saw the video premiere of a new Sesame Street holiday special. And unlike the one I covered in the Day Thread earlier–A Special Sesame Street Christmas–this one is actually good.

One Christmas Eve, Big Bird’s worst fear comes true: Santa gets stuck in the chimney. Fortunately, it’s Elmo’s chimney he gets stuck in, and with a little pull from the furry red monster, Santa is freed and able to continue his nightly deliveries. As a reward for saving Christmas, Santa gives Elmo a magical snowglobe that will grant three wishes (Elmo wastes the first wish on a glass of water). But it’s Elmo’s second wish that ends up doing damage: for Christmas to come every day of the year.

Sadly for Elmo, the wish doesn’t go as planned, and soon all of Sesame Street is thrown into misery as they are forced to celebrate the holiday every day of the year. Maria can’t fix toasters anymore, Big Bird sings “All I Want for Christmas is You” (no, not that one) to his pal Snuffy over the phone, and even The Count gets tired of counting Christmases. And you know that shit’s gotten real when The Count gets sick of that! (Only Oscar is happy, because now everyone finally hates the yuletide season as much as he does)

Elmo Saves Christmas is very funny and clever. It features guest star Charles Durning as Santa Claus (not the first or the last time he would play him on screen), and he’s lovably grouchy as Jolly Old St. Nick. Also, it features what might be the best joke in any Sesame Street special ever

Have a lovely night, Avocados!