Favorite Mononymous Famous Person – The Finals

We have had a bit of an upset. Apparently, you love your Greek Lesbian Poets more than your Muppets, because Sapphos took Doc Hopper’s recipe for fried frog legs to use on Kermit by just 3 votes.

In fact Sappho was ranked THIRTIETH in the opening seeds. Kermit was Twentieth, and Bjork was Twenty-Seventh. And they all handily beat the Top Ten Nominated ones. Sappho had a really uphill battle, as Madonna was 4th, Liberace was 13th, and Charo was 12th seeded. So congratulations to her!

And that wasn’t even the closer one. That strange little singer from Reykjavík lost to that strange little singer from Minneapolis by just 1 vote.

And they were both close during these past few days.

Prince bested Tupac, Rihanna, Shakira, and now Bjork to get here.

Sappho bested Madonna (!!!), Liberace, Charo, and now Kermit to get here.

Thanks to everyone who played this silly game, inspired from the Adele concert last week.

So, should we decide who our Favorite Mononymous (and also Sexy) Famous Person is? Let’s, shall we?