CSI: North Pole – Day 3

J-Dawg and T are standing over the mangled corpse of a farm animal.

“God. Fucking. Dammit.”

“Report says it was a nutcracker. Bludgeoned him over and over. We got a blood sample of the killer, but…”

“I know, T. I know.”

“It’s a shame Sherb went down like that.” T notices his partner looking at the ground. “It was over quickly. I know he’s gone, but”

“He’s not gone,” Jake mutters. “He’s just not with us is all.” Snow is falling on them both, and on the body that was once Sherb.

Ice-T gulps. “Are you telling me we are more than the sum of our cells, that these vessels that carry us from bed to table to grave are just carriages, carriages for things as tangible as the wind and that when those bodies break those precious, nameless things exist in the imprints we make on every face we met, every word we’ve spoken, every word we’ve written, and to erase one is merely to preserve the others, that this concept of ‘Sherb’ is eternal if only in our memories, snuffed out only with the sun?”

J-Dawg nods. Then breaks down and weeps.

Goat is dead. He was the Forensics Intern. Sample 2A (Goat’s Killer’s DNA) has been added to the Lab.

  1. Indy
  2. MSD
  3. Cop
  4. Chum GUMSHOE
  5. hoho
  6. forever1267
  7. Marlowe
  8. Nate
  9. Grump DNA ANALYST
  10. Ralph
  11. Jake
  13. QQ
  15. Lindsay
  16. Wasp
  17. copywight
  18. Emm
  19. Side
  20. Hayes


10 Gumshoes – Vanilla Town. No power other than their vote.

1 Field Medic – Can protect a person from death each night. Cannot target themselves, nor the same person twice in a row.

1 Sample Collector – Each day, they will be given an opportunity to collect a DNA sample from a living player and add it to the Lab. Replaced by the Intern if killed.


3 Criminal Underlings – Vanilla Wolves. May carry out the wolf kill at night, but will leave their DNA at the scene.

1 Criminal Mastermind – Wolf Roleblocker. Cannot block the same person twice in a row. Cannot role block and also carry out the wolf kill on the same night. Like all killers, will leave DNA at the crime scene if carrying out the kill.


Ties are determined by RNG between tied players.

Night kills are mandatory for the wolves and SK.

The mod reserves the right to add additional events or rules as balancing requires.

Please attack arguments instead of people.

The Lab

The Lab is where the accumulated DNA samples are stored. Both those collected from the roled Townies, as well as the DNA samples collected from the murder victims, which will be added automatically.

All samples collected from the roled Townies will be labled based on the player they represent. “sic’s DNA”, “hoho’s DNA”, etc.

DNA from crime scenes will be automatically added to the Lab and labeled “1A”, “1B”, etc., based on the night they were collected and the number of the victim.

At night, the DNA Analyst can compare up to three named samples to unknown samples to test for a match. “Let me compare sic’s, hoho’s, and Jake’s DNA to sample 1A, please.” They will be notified of any matches.

If a scum player dies, their DNA will be run against all unknown samples, so you will learn retroactively who they killed.

The Sample Collector and DNA Analyst are always aware what named samples are in the Lab. “You have sic DNA, hoho DNA, 1A and 1B.”

Twilight will be at 8 PM CST, Wednesday December 8th.

An event will occur later this evening.