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Bob Dole, longtime public servant and WWII veteran, dies

Former U.S. Sen. Bob Dole, who will be remembered for the tenacity that defined his career and his work on behalf of fellow military veterans, died in his sleep Sunday morning. He was 98.

ABC News

This Hanukkah, How Do I Talk to My Grandparents About Israel?

This op-ed explores how to love your family through political disagreement.

Teen Vogue

Omicron coronavirus variant found in multiple US states

The omicron variant of COVID-19, which had been undetected in the U.S. before the middle of this week, had been discovered in at least five states by the end of Thursday, showing yet again how mutations of the virus can circumnavigate the globe with speed and ease.

AP News

Why This Trans Boy Had More Rights a Century Ago Than Many Trans Children Today

Forbes’ case represents the earliest record of affirmative medical treatment for a trans child. A century later, it’s hard to imagine that self-identification could lead directly to affirmative medical care and equality for trans children. It is also deeply disturbing to trace the events that transformed that enlightened approach into the public attacks, reductions in medical care and social exclusion that trans children experience today.


The A.V. Club Tells Staffers They Must Move to L.A. or Lose

The staff of the A.V. Club — the music, film, and entertainment website owned by G/O Media — was informed yesterday that the company will be shuttering its Chicago office, where the bulk of its editorial team is based. The website’s editor-in-chief, Scott Robson, told employees that they would be required to move to Los Angeles, where he’s establishing a new office, or else lose their jobs.

In the full-staff Zoom meeting, a recording of which was leaked to Gawker, Robson framed the relocation casually, almost optional. The team, he said, was “being invited” to join the Los Angeles office, where he is based. “Most of you guys know that we’ve been talking about setting up an office in L.A.,” Robson began in the recording. “The reason we had the [earlier] call with Chicago was to let them know that the team in Chicago is being invited to come out to L.A. and be part of this transition.”


Students are fed up with racist slurs and bullying. Now they’re walking out of class

Students are fed up with racist slurs and bullying. Now they’re walking out of class.


Neo-Nazis Are Gaming Twitter’s New Rules, Exactly Like People Warned

Twitter was warned its new privacy rules could easily be abused. Now the far-right is taking advantage of them against anti-fascists and journalists.


Tourists bask on a battlefield as drug gangs fight over Mexican resort town

Tulum, jewel of the Mayan Riviera, risks emulating Acapulco, another once glamorous resort now overwhelmed by violence

The Guardian

A discomfort with Western liberalism is growing in Eastern Europe

Washington and EU leaders in Brusselshave repeatedly accused the country’s ultranationalist government, led by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, of undermining democracy. Biden once name-checked Hungary when referring to the “thugs of the world.”

But Laszlo Magas, a retired professor who helped bring an end to communism in Hungary, chalks up his country’s political isolation to one thing: Western liberal bias.


Republican Voter Suppression Efforts Could Alienate Young Republican Voters

Republicans’ voter suppression laws and lack of interest in younger voters could wind up shrinking the party’s own base.

Teen Vogue

A $38 Million Center for Black Excellence and Culture is Set to Open in 2023 in Madison, Wisconsin

Everything about this 65,000-square-foot, three-level building is going to be Black. It’s Black-inspired, Black-designed and Black-led and will be a chance for the Black community in Madison to honor, observe and learn about their community and also socialize, according to the Wisconsin State Journal.

The Root

GOP Sen. Ron Johnson Says Fauci ‘Overhyped’ COVID-19 Like He Did AIDS

“He created all kinds of fear, saying it could affect the entire population when it couldn’t,” Johnson said, without citing scientific evidence. “And he’s doing, he’s using the exact same playbook with COVID, ignoring therapy, pushing a vaccine.”

The Advocate

How an ancient revolt sparked the Festival of Lights

Celebrated over eight days and nights, Hanukkah commemorates a people’s uprising and holy miracle from more than 2,000 years ago.

National Geographic

Five dead after Myanmar security forces ram car into Yangon protest: Report

Five people were killed and at least 15 arrested after Myanmar security forces in a car rammed into an anti-coup protest on Sunday (Dec 5) morning in Yangon, local news portal Myanmar Now reported.

Channel News Asia

Indonesia Semeru volcanic eruption kills 14; dozens injured

The eruption of Semeru volcano has killed at least 14 people and injured dozens on Java island, Indonesia’s disaster agency said on Sunday, as rescue teams searched for victims under layers of ash, sometimes digging with their bare hands.


French Right Picks the Woman Who Runs Paris Region to Take On Macron

France’s Republicans nominated their first woman presidential candidate in a primary that sharpened the focus of the challenge facing Emmanuel Macron in next year’s election.


EU criticized for move to restrict asylum rights at Belarus border

A move by the EU Commission to restrict asylum rights at the bloc’s external border with Belarus has come in for sharp criticism. Meanwhile, a controversial border protection law has already come into force in Poland.

Deutsche Welle

At least 13 civilians shot dead by army in India’s Nagaland state

Protests after soldiers opened fire on villagers thinking they were ‘militants’ in India’s remote northeast region.

Al Jazeera