It’s A WRAP: The Weekly Shuffle Thread Wants to See Your Year in Review!

This didn’t pop up in my Spotify Wrapped, but hey it fits the theme.

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Weekly Shuffle Thread, your favorite place to show off your shuffles! As the end of the year (thankfully) approaches, we’ve come across the holiday season, including the most important holiday of all! No, not Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Years or even Pearl Harbor Day… it’s the time of the year where people post their most streamed songs of the year, courtesy of Spotify Wrapped and/or Apple Music Replay!

Today’s shuffle thread is all dedicated to the songs that you played the most this year. Pull up your year in review from your streaming service of choice (or services, in the case of guys like me who can’t decide between Apple and Spotify) and put it on shuffle! What did your year sound like? Were there any surprises, or does it look and sound like you expected it to? If you have multiple services, was there any overlap between them? Post as many (or as few) songs as you’d like and share what populated your eardrums this year! Happy shuffling, and I’ll see you all next time!