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The Thursday Politics Thread Loses Its Credibility

Mornin’ Politocadoes,

The US Supreme Court heard opening arguments in Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health Organization, a court case that challenges Mississippi’s ban on most abortions past 15 weeks. The arguments coming from the clinics, were by all accounts, sound and logical and operate from a place where abortion has been a constitutional right for the past 50 years. The arguments from the other side were…not.

Were this a just world, this case would end up on the side of the clinics. Unfortunately, that does not appear to be the world we live in. Every question from the conservative Justices seemed to prime observers for a world where Roe is overturned. Amy Coney-Barrett had the temerity to bring up the idea that pregnant people still had the option to carry a child to term and give them up for adoption, Clarence Thomas opened his trap asking if there’s a constitutional right to abortion that’s spelled out in the same way that the Second Amendment is, and “I like Beer” guy just made the subtext text when he suggested that just because Roe is precedent, doesn’t mean it can’t be overturned. Ghouls.

Justice Sotomayor asked a lot of questions, not for edification on the case, it’s obvious what the outcome should be, even if the writing appears to be on the wall, she asked them to the public. She asked what this means for privacy and what goes on in our intimate moments because that’s the next step. “Obergefell? Why, just because it’s precedent, that doesn’t mean it can’t be overturned! Where’s the constitutional right to marry in the Constitution? I mean, hey, you can still get women’s health services and get married in the Blue States, why you worried?” What’s to stop the next attempt to police our private lives?

Women have been warning the country that this is what the Right has wanted for a long time. Hillary Clinton specifically. It is about power and control. It is an inherently abusive act and these “Justices” should be ashamed of themselves. The Supreme Court, should it overturn Roe in this decision, forever loses any credibility it might have had as a “non-partisan” body, swearing only to give justice to the people. It’s been a farce for a while now, but this would be fully mask-off.

If this goes through, Biden’s got no choice but to seriously consider expanding the court. The rot has set in and we cannot afford to sit and wait out whenever Stephen Breyer, Alito, or Clarence Thomas die or at long last have the decency to retire. The clock is ticking on Democracy. We do not have time.

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