30 Day Board Games & More Challenge Day 2: Favorite Travel Games

This challenge was produced with the help of Mr. Ixolite for the prompts!

With the month of December here, that tends to mean a lot of family gatherings or time with friends where it’s definitely easy to pull out a board game and play. We’ll be covering a wide range of topics across the month with it and today we’re talking travel games. I still have very fond memories growing up in the 80s and doing a bit of traveling in the car and plane and having my trust blue Travel Scrabble case so that I could play anywhere with friends and family without having a huge box. There are so many more games like that which have been made over the years, including a lot with magnetic elements, that you can really have fun in the car, minivan, or camper. What are your favorite travel games?

Bonus Prompt: What kind of travel games do you enjoy that don’t involve a board, such as I Spy and the like?