Favorite Mononymous Famous Person – The Elite Eight

Well, that took some work!

In a run off that was supposed to last until last night (but someone was still tired from flying and Thanksgiving and getting home past midnight and having an 8 AM meeting and maybe a few glasses of wine) but went on until just a few minutes ago, Cher and Sade stayed tied until 2 people broke that tie, and Cher remains victorious, barely, by 2 votes 29 – 27.

Balzac was not so lucky, croaked by Kermit 58 – 7. In the battle of Homosexuals, Sappho barely topped Liberace 38 – 31, while Charo, whom I imagine many of you were not alive for The Love Boat, beat Aris- (“There is no great genius without some touch of madness“) -totle, 35 – 30.

And The King is Dead. Long Live the King. Elvis falls to Zendaya 40 – 35. Shakira doubled Pele 44 – 19, Bjork killed Gandhi 50 – 20. And Prince danced around Rihanna 48 – 19.

So, finally, an Elite Eight. But Who has the popularity to make it to the Final Four? Let’s find out!