Favorite Holiday Album Tournament–Nominations

We did a tournament about our favorite Christmas songs a few years ago, but I thought it might be fun do one about our favorite holiday albums. Back in the old days, before Spotify and Pandora and even the shuffle feature, during the holidays at TheCleverGuy household, when we wanted to hear some festive music, we’d put on one of a handful of Christmas albums we had (on cassette–I’m not that old!) and listen to it from start to finish.

What are your favorite albums that get you into the holiday spirit? A collection of Christmas standards by an old lounge singer? A favorite holiday film’s soundtrack? A charity compilation record featuring lots of various artists? A collection of irreverent novelty songs? Nominate your favorites below!

Assuming we get enough entries, I plan to do a full 64-team bracket. Albums will be seated by number of upvotes here, so don’t forget to upvote what you like here as well. The first round of voting will be this Friday 12/3.