Avocado Weekly Movie Thread (11/30)

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The survival genre is a subset of the adventure film that, in many ways, seems to have eclipsed its parent… at least in prestige. The tone is usually more somber. It’s focused typically on one person, usually male. (Though there are exceptions, like Sandra Bullock in Gravity.) The hero is left more or less alone in a desolate landscape with nothing but their wits to get them out alive.

Or not. Not all survival movies have a happy ending.

The Grey

These movies remain popular despite the actual wilderness becoming smaller and fewer places on Earth being just one cellphone call away from help. Though Earth itself may not be the setting at all. The hero may be stranded in space, which adds another level of horror.

127 Hours

There is likely an element of wish fulfillment in these movies. We inhabit the shoes of these heroes, and we believe that we, too, can survive in the wild world with nothing but our bravery and a Swiss army knife. It’s that part of our ape brain that believes we can live an off-the-grid survivalist lifestyle as we watch our proxies on a big IMAX screen while munching on corn that was popped in the lobby.

After all, who needs society with its creature comforts when the only person you can truly rely on is yourself?

The Martian

Today’s bonus prompt: what is your favorite film about survival?

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