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LGBTQ+ Activist Viktória Radványi Fights for Budapest Pride Amid Anti-Gay Legislation

“What’s really crucial for social justice movements, especially for those who work in hostile environments, is not to embrace this idea that your results define you, or your productivity defines you.”

Teen Vogue

How US gun culture stacks up with the world

Ubiquitous gun violence in the United States has left few places unscathed over the decades. Still, many Americans hold their right to bear arms, enshrined in the US Constitution, as sacrosanct. But critics of the Second Amendment say that right threatens another: The right to life.

America’s relationship to gun ownership is unique, and its gun culture is a global outlier.


Supreme Court set to take up all-or-nothing abortion fight

Both sides are telling the Supreme Court there’s no middle ground in Wednesday’s showdown over abortion. The justices can either reaffirm the constitutional right to an abortion or wipe it away altogether.

AP News

COVID death data can be shared to make it look like vaccines don’t work, or worse – but that’s not the whole picture

Social media posts commenting on data from the UK, Israel and South Africa, among others, claim deaths from COVID (or all deaths) are now higher in vaccinated than unvaccinated citizens. Others make the more moderate claim vaccines do nothing to prevent death from COVID.

These reports appear intimidating, because they usually utilise real data or statistics. Many of the raw numbers presented are indeed correct, though not complete.

But people—including Clive Palmer who said this week vaccines don’t work and Craig Kelly who spread vaccine misinformation via text message—should ask whether they have understood the context, analysed the data properly and interpreted the results accurately.

Medical Xpress

Blessing in disguise: Omicron variant may be ‘very positive’ news for the world if new Covid mutation kills off more lethal Delta coronavirus

Hospitals and GPs across Southern Africa are increasingly reporting that the symptoms of the aggressive new Covid strain Omicron are “unusual but very mild,” according to various media in South Africa this weekend.

Around 90 per cent of all new infections in the Johannesburg region are now caused by the Omicron strain but, so far, the Covid death rate and even hospital admissions appear not to be increasing significantly, local media report.

Some experts are therefore cautiously optimistic that – if Omicron turns out to be less lethal but more contagious and dominant than the Delta variant – the new mutation may actually be a blessing in the sky.

City AM

The Rittenhouse verdict was not surprising for Black and brown moms

Many parents of color see the not guilty verdict as a microcosm of what their children face every day.


Hondurans vote for president as leftist contender vies to end conservative rule

Hondurans headed to the polls on Sunday to pick a new president, with leftist candidate Xiomara Castro hoping to oust the right-wing National Party, whose 12-year rule has been beset by graft scandals, chronic unemployment and waves of fleeing migrants.


Barbados is ready to ditch Britain’s Queen. For many in the country, the move has been a long time coming

Queen Elizabeth will have one less realm after this week, when Barbados severs its final imperial links to Britain by removing the 95-year-old as its head of state and declaring itself a republic.

The former British colony — which gained independence in 1966 — revived its plan to become a republic last September with the country’s governor general, Sandra Mason, saying, “the time has come to fully leave our colonial past behind.”


On Boys’ Love Stories, Queer Fantasies, & Communities We Create

For many queer fans, one of the most iconic moments in modern anime fandom was the finale of figure skating anime series Yuri!!! On Ice. It seems difficult to imagine the show topping the dramatic (probable) kiss in episode seven, but the series ended on a note that seemed to say that the future for Yuri and Victor would be one where they’re together as partners on the ice — and off of it as well. Yuri!!! On Ice has since become an international sensation with countless fans still eagerly waiting for more content. A big reason why is that it blends the familiar sports anime vibes with queer themes that call back to another popular genre: boys’ love (BL).

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Anti-government protesters block bridges, roads in Serbia

Skirmishes on Saturday erupted in Serbia between police and anti-government demonstrators who blocked roads and bridges in the Balkan country in protest against new laws they say favor interests of foreign investors devastating the environment.

CTV News

The Taliban destroyed Afghanistan’s ancient Buddha statues. Now they’re welcoming tourists.

“I was young when these were destroyed, about 7 years old, and since then it has been a dream to come and see what happened here,” said one visitor, a Taliban supporter.

NBC News

Peru’s president pledges support for those affected by 7.5-magnitude earthquake

Peru‘s President vowed support for those affected by a 7.5-magnitude earthquake early Sunday morning, leaving structural damage in the northern part of the country.


Malala Yousafzai Walks in Oxford Graduation Ceremony

“Some Latin was said and apparently I have a degree.”

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500 vigilantes gather in Mexico town to protect avocado growers

Extortion of avocado growers in western Mexico has gotten so bad that 500 vigilantes from a so-called “self-defence” group known as United Towns, or Pueblos Unidos, gathered Saturday and pledged to aid police.

CTV News

Thousands protest against Czech COVID measures as hospitals fill

Several thousand people protested in Prague against anti-coronavirus restrictions on Sunday as many Czech hospitals halted non-urgent procedures in the face of one of the world’s fastest rates of new infections.


Covid-positive Czech president appointed new PM from plexiglass box

Czech President Milos Zeman has appointed opposition leader Petr Fiala as the country’s new prime minister.

Mr Zeman – who tested positive for coronavirus last week – made the appointment from inside a plexiglass box in a state room at his residence.

BBC News

A small-town mom wanted to help her community. And then the community took aim at her child

Kelsey Waits was the face and voice of that school board as its chair. The ugliness that followed in Kelsey’s unsuccessful race to be re-elected to the board now has the Waits packing up their dream home to move — and their love for Hastings likely tainted forever.

“I do feel really betrayed by this community,” Kelsey told CNN. ”Not because I lost but because not only did people attack a child, but so many of them sat by and allowed it to happen.” 


400 years later, ‘we did not vanish’

‘We did not simply fade into the background as Thanksgiving myth says, we have survived and thrived, we have persevered’

Indian Country Today