Let’s Talk Arrowverse – R.I.P?

So, for those not from the United States, this was the week when we Americans celebrate Thanksgiving, a holiday that involves a great many turkey dinners, family gatherings, and a strange sport we have chosen to call “football”. With that eating up a lot of my time and energy, my television watching has been somewhat truncated this week.

I haven’t had a chance to watch the latest Batwoman yet, and have only recently gotten around to watching The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow. Without much time to get my thoughts together on the latter two, I only have one observation to make for each.

For The Flash:
This plot seeming familiar to anyone? Time travel warns Team Flash about something bad in the future, which they have to brainstorm ways to prevent? Said bad thing being Barry suffering a tragedy, going berserk, and becoming a world-threatening villain? Like, how did they get through this whole episode without referencing Savitar?

For Legends of Tomorrow:
This ep had a weirdly disparaging attitude towards sanitation work. Every character, hero and villain alike, is unanimous in their view that cleaning floors = lowly and demeaning, while working on an assembly line = empowering. Being assigned to one or the other based on your race is obviously bad, but in critiquing that, the show fell into the trap of treating one form of work as better and more respectful than the other.

Question of the Week: If the Arrowverse had its own version of Giftmas, what characters would you like to see find gifts for each other?