1990’s Hip-Hop/Rap Tournament: Round Two

For the most part, Round One of this tournament was pretty much chalk across the board, with the winner being exactly who you might’ve guessed it would be, usually by a significant margin. Such is the lot of first-rounds in nominations-based tournaments, where personal favorites and niche contenders without broad support tend to get steamrolled early (I’m not trying to make more math for myself with this, but the average margin of victory for this round was probably something like 15 votes). Hopefully, this will mean Round Two gives us some more competitive match-ups.

Which is good, because our Round One winners without exception (depending on how you feel about Digable Planets, I guess) are absolute giants of 90’s rap in one form or another. You have your revered elders from the 80’s continuing their runs, you have underground institutions, you have pop sensations, and you have some that fall into multiple categories. Put simply, I’m not anticipating nearly as many blow-outs this time around. Everyone who’s still standing can back up their place in the group.

That said, I would be remiss not to mention that we lost some major players in Round One. Most of their fates were decided when they didn’t muster the expected enthusiasm in the nominations round, leading to impossible match-ups in Round One. Such was the fate of Cleveland institution Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, who had the misfortune of drawing Outkast out of the gate, resulting in a match-up that could’ve happened rounds later. Pour one out.

Round One Notes and Observations

  • Most Votes: Tied, between Public Enemy and Beastie Boys, with 48 apiece.
  • Least Votes: Mystikal with all of 0, who was then of course on the losing end of the…
  • Most Lopsided Matchup: Public Enemy 48, Mystikal 0
  • Closest Matchup: Slick Rick edged out Pete Rock and CL Smooth, 12-9
  • Least Votes to Advance: That would be Slick Rick, with 12.
  • Most votes in a Loss: Kool Keith, with 19
  • Most On-Brand Avocado Result: MF DOOM 28, Mobb Deep 6

Some more videos from artists we’re sending home. Get to it.