Avocado Weekly Movie Thread (11/9)

Welcome to the Weekly Movie Thread! This is your place on the Avocado to discuss film! Come here to discuss and recommend films! Have you gone to the theater to catch the latest Marvel blockbuster? Still got thoughts about Dune and that thread is a little old and you’re pretty sure no one’s going to read your thoughts about the Muad’Dib? Come here each and every week with your fellow film lovers to mingle in a socially distanced and safe online environment.

Today’s bonus prompt: grab your flannels and put on some Smashing Pumpkins, because what is the most 90’s movie you’ve ever watched?


What is the 90’s, really? I would hazard to say that the 80’s were more well defined as a decade. There’s a huge gap between Friends and the MTV aesthetic. Between Tupac Shakur and Ed Burns films. But the 90’s are like a box of chocolates: you know it’s 90’s when you see it.

Poetic Justice

There are many films from the 1990’s which can best be described as timeless and could be from any decade. Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Legends of the Fall. Jurassic Park. Toy Story. Face/Off.

Others feel like they could only exist in the 90’s. Whether it’s two slackers running an convenience store and being heroes to a generation by acting more clever than everyone else or a small bookstore owner running a romance by email with a guy who runs a big box retailer, the 90’s has some unique dimensions before culture got all flattened out by the internet.

You’ve Got Mail

Goth dudes in white faceprint were superheroes. David Arquette and Pauly Shore were threatening to become comedy franchises. And in the words of a famed 90’s animated comedy franchise, we didn’t even know if we were being sarcastic anymore.

Next week: Oddball entries in a franchise