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Tuesday’s Politics thread is at a loss…

Yesterday DOJ tweeted that there was BIG NEWS at 12:30 PM and we should ALL BE THERE. I scrambled to get my popcorn and party streamers ready. Turns out it was something about cybercrime in Ukraine. I’m sure it was a big deal to the DOJ, but it was an extreme letdown for me. It was an extreme letdown for a lot of us (looking at you, Nate). As someone else said, “This could have been an email.”

Now, it could be that things are dragging out because DC just got it’s US Attorney sworn in on Oct. 28th. Matthew Graves’s appointment had been held up by Senate Republicans:


Mr. Graves would be in charge of prosecuting all lot of the 1/6 nonsense. And it might be that the person who was acting USA for DC wanted to leave it up to him how to proceed. Also, Senate Republicans have an incentive to put these cases off for as long as they can. ANYHOO, since the guy just landed in his chair a few days ago, I’m willing to cut the situation some slack.

A lot of people aren’t though. Namely, Laurence Tribe (he was Merrick Garland’s law professor at Harvard), who has forgotten more about Constitutional Law than most people will ever know:

So, we are all the Judge Judy gif, smacking the table and tapping our watches. We want to get to the fireworks factory gif. We want to embody various popcorn munching gifs. We are ready for this damn show to get on the road.

And I don’t have a lot else to say today (well, tonight, y’all know I write this Monday evening as late as I can). Twitter is currently a dumpster fire of Dennis Prager crap, which I will not amplify. I mean, he deserves all the smackdowns and outrage, I just hate how much airtime the guy is getting.

Whew. It’s tough out there right now. So my advice to you is to take extra special care of your corner of the universe. That corner includes this here community we have, and that corner includes you, dear reader. And I’m going to leave you with my grandmother’s sign-off. After she passed, she told me it was my job to keep joy in the family, and I took that seriously, but that’s another story for another time. She’s been gone for many years now, and her instruction to keep the joy going has never been far from my mind. So when I’m down and defeated for whatever reason, I come back to that.

Oh, you know the rules. No threatening Mayor McSquirrel or anyone else.

And here is her sign-off: Joy to you.