Speculative Television Tournament – Nominations

I’ve had the thought of doing a tournament for the best speculative fiction TV show for a while now, so here it is. I’m using “speculative fiction” quite broadly here, mostly because it makes for a neater title than “Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror.”

I’m going to be fairly loose with the definitions here, but any television show that can be slotted into one or more of those categories will qualify. Hopefully we don’t need to gatekeep those too strongly, but I may make a ruling one way or another if we start hairsplitting too much.

Additionally, there are no restrictions on franchises here, as it seems unfair to restrict spin-offs or remakes, given that in many cases they’re as or more popular than the original show.

There’s also no restriction on length, so miniseries are acceptable nominations.

Finally, when you’re nominating something, please specify year it premiered, just to avoid the problem of remakes that share the same name (like various The Twilight Zones, as one example).

That should be it, but if anything else requires clarification, I’ll make a comment to that effect below.