Best Video Game Song Tournament, 2009-2012: Top 256 (Part 3 of 8)

Part 2 Results


Journey Apotheosis 11 5 Summon Night GRANTHESE Valley of Snow Flurries
FTL Milky Way (Explore) 8 4 Sleeping Dogs [H-KLUB] The Love I Want
Beatmania IIDX 16: Empress Mind Mapping [Ryu] 4 8 VVVVVV Positive Force
Adventure Time: Hey Ice King Why’d You Steal Our Garbage?! Party in the Clouds 10 4 Mighty Switch Force Jive Bot
Mega Man 10 Nitro Man (Nitro Rider) 8 7 Madworld Ain’t That Funny (Sick YG)
Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc Discussion -HOPE VS DESPAIR- 5 9 Yakuza 5 Receive and Slash You
Final Fantasy XIII-2 Knight Of The Goddess [Masashi Hamauzu] 7 8 Bayonetta The Gates of Hell
7th Dragon Battlefield- Swords Bursting 5 8 Half-Minute Hero: The Second Coming Final Battle of Revolution [Masashi Hamauzu]
Sonic Generations (3DS) Boss: Big Arm 6 8 To the Moon For River – Piano (Johnny’s Version)
Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Ventus 5 10 Muramasa: The Demon Blade Desires Connected to The Enlightenment [A] [Yoshimi Kudo]
Bravely Default Depressed Land 7 7* Sonic Generations Planet Wisp Modern
DoDonPachi Resurrection Vertigo [Stage 5] [Manabu Namiki] 9 4 Mega Man 10 Special Stage 1 (Heart of Enker)
Trails of Azure Unexpected Emergency 5 8 To the Moon To the Moon – Piano (Ending Version)
Rhythm Heaven Fever Tap Trial 8* 8 NieR City of Commerce
Journey The Road of Trials 11 5 Star Ocean: The Last Hope The Incarnation of Devil [Next-Gen Remix]
DoDonPachi Resurrection Vertex [Stage 1] [Manabu Namiki] 9 4 FTL Milky Way (Battle)


The next round of single elimination! The top 256 has been broken up into 8 groups; only 2 weeks for this one!

Since it’s the playoffs, groups will be active until 9:00 AM Pacific the day after they post1The Monday after, for Friday groups., ie for roughly 24 hours. You can listen to a playlist of today’s songs (in matchup order) here.

Or you can work ahead!


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Voting will be live until Friday, October 29th at 9:00AM Pacific