Comic Book Debate – Are We Living in the Golden Age of Horror Comics?

One of the off-shoots of the Comic Book Chat that I’m testing the waters with is Comic Book Debate.

Over the past year, I have seen an uptick in horror releases from comic companies and it got me thinking about today’s question – are we currently living in the Golden Age of Horror Comics?

I’ve spoken about my love for the series The Silver Coin from Image Comics. DC Comics has released their Hill House Comics line, as well as, their DC Horror Label with a tie-in with The Conjuring. Aftershock has had hits with Maniac of New York and Bunny Mask this past year. Archie Comics has branched out with their Archie Horror line with Vampironica, Blossoms 666, and Jughead the Hunger. Boom Studios! has a hit on their hands with the Buffy The Vampire Slayer reboot. I could go on but I’m going to stop here.

Have comic book companies found new life with their focus on horror series and tie-ins? Horror can be a deal breaker for some, while others can’t get enough of it.

Will the momentum continue or will we see a decline soon in horror releases?

Keep the debate friendly – Let’s Discuss!

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