Guy Talk: Men and Socialising

Welcome to Guy Talk, a serious space to discuss masculinity, good and bad. A quick explanation of how this space works for any newbies on the site:

1) Guy Talk is posted on Monday afternoons, usually twice a month. Anyone can post in the thread, not just those who identify as men.

2) We are a trans-inclusive space – “man” is a gender category, and therefore not dependent on the sex we were assigned at birth.

3) Guy Talk is a place to discuss all aspects of masculinity – gender expression, fatherhood, relationships. The tone of the thread is serious – we can joke around a bit, but please treat other commentators respectfully.

4) This is not a space to complain about women in general, or to express misogynistic and sexist beliefs.

This week, our discussion prompt will be on “socialising“. Do you have an equal number of men and women in your friendship group? Have you been unable to pursue certain hobbies because they are perceived as “feminine”? How does masculinity affect your relationships?

The next Guy Talk will be published on 8th November.