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The Friday Politics Thread is Voting Next Week

That’s right, NJ has early voting again this year! And we get to vote for Governor, like our friends in VA. Currently, incumbent Democrat Phil Murphy holds a lead in the polls of 6-8 points, which has shrunken over the past few weeks, but I am trying to remain unconcerned about this. The republican nominee claims to be a moderate, but he’s also going to wipe out our entire COVID response plan, so I beg my fellow Jersey folks to make sure they vote so this doesn’t happen.

RoRo is going through a phase exploring her explosive temper. I’ve heard this phase can last up to 120 years.

Be good to each other. No wishing harm on anyone. Garrison-Owens Moratorium remains in effect.

I would also like to strongly request we ignore any press releases from the Mango Mussolini about Alec Baldwin today as well, because no good can come of it.

Happy Friday!