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It’s been 42 years since ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide’ answered the ultimate question

It’s the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything: 42.

And 42 is now the number of years since the publication of The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, the first in the series of wacky and beloved sci-fi books by Douglas Adams.


It’s Time to Get Personal, and Nasty, With Vaccine Resisters

They don’t care about us. So let’s talk about them, and the selfish reasons they need to get the jab.

The Daily Beast

Chicago police union boss urges officers to defy city’s COVID vaccine mandate

Chicago Police Union president John Catanzara has urged officers to ignore the midnight deadline to report their vaccine status to the city. If the city tries to punish officers for not complying, only half will show up to patrol city streets, Catanzara predicted.

CBS News

New Mexico judge denies lab workers’ claim in vaccine fight

A New Mexico judge on Friday denied a request by dozens of scientists and others at Los Alamos National Laboratory to block a vaccine mandate, meaning workers risk being fired if they don’t comply with the lab’s afternoon deadline.

AP News

Japan’s new PM sends offering to Yasukuni Shrine, irking South Korea

Japan’s new Prime Minister Fumio Kishida sent a ritual offering to the controversial Yasukuni Shrine for war dead for the autumn festival, Kyodo news agency reported on Sunday, prompting the South Korean government to express “disappointment”.


Texas Senate passes bill limiting public school student athletes to teams that match their birth gender

The Texas Senate passed a bill Friday night requiring transgender public school athletes to compete on teams that match their birth gender, not the gender they identify with. The controversial bill, which passed in the Texas House on Thursday, will head to Governor Greg Abbott’s desk if the House approves an amendment to the legislation’s terminology.

Introduced by Representative Valoree Swanson, the measure restricts athletes to playing on teams that match the biological sex listed on an official birth certificate issued at or close to the time of the student’s birth. A modified birth certificate will be accepted if it had been changed “to correct a clerical error,” the bill states.

CBS News

Testicle Bath Contraception Wins James Dyson Award For Engineering

Created by German design graduate Rebecca Weiss, the device named “Coso” is described as an “ultrasound-based, reversible and hormone-free male contraceptive device for home use”. The idea is that the user spreads their legs, takes their testicles and places them inside the sleek-looking device, after filling it with water and heating it to the required temperature. The testicles are then hit with ultrasound for several minutes, in order to suppress spermatogenesis.

Essentially, you teabag your way to (temporary) infertility.

IFL Science

Childcare staffing is ‘at a critical point’ as workers leave the industry and it can’t afford to hire them back. A CEO says it’s ‘beyond a shortage.’

Like other industries, childcare providers are trying their best to find new workers. Their struggles to hire have huge stakes — with less teachers around, the job is harder than ever, and more and more childcare workers are considering leaving the industry altogether. It’s not an exaggeration to say the future of childcare is at stake.

Business Insider

‘They Can’t Stop Everyone’: GOP Congressman Dangerously Encourages Kids to Defy Statewide School Mask Mandate

What could have been a simple high school government lecture on civic duty and participation from a local congressman instead became a Covid-19 misinformation fest worthy of a primetime slot on Fox News. Congressman Bob Good (R-Va.) encouraged a group of high school students to defy a statewide school mask mandate, and he spread lies about vaccines and how the virus spreads, the Rappahannock News reported.

Rolling Stone

Covid-19 numbers are getting better. But where they go from here will depend on vaccinations, Fauci says

The rates of Covid-19 cases, hospitalizations and deaths are improving; an optimistic sign for the future of the pandemic. But with so many Americans still unvaccinated, the numbers could still go back up, Dr. Anthony Fauci told Fox News Sunday.

“If we don’t do very well in that regard, there’s always the danger that there will be enough circulating virus that you can have a stalling of the diminishing of the number of cases and when that happens, as we’ve seen in the past with other waves that we’ve been through, there’s the danger of resurgence,” said Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease and chief medical adviser to President Joe Biden, who appeared on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace.


Number of Confederate monuments linked to number of lynchings, study finds

“Scholars and activists have long said that Confederate memorials are associated with hate. We want to provide empirical evidence of that,” said researcher Kyshia Henderson.

USA Today

Venezuelan President Maduro’s close aide extradited to US

One of President Nicolás Maduro’s closest aides has been extradited from Cape Verde to the United States, where he’s been charged with money laundering.


Why Narendra Modi is a radical departure in Indian thinking about the world

The prime minister pitches India as the source of ideas, and not just as a successful implementer of ideas


Some context about this article, thanks to Frodo Corleone.

Mexico’s new culture war: Did a pyramid light show ‘decolonize’ or rewrite history?

A replica of the Great Temple of the Aztecs, about a third of the size of the original, rose from the floor of the central square of Mexico’s capital this summer like a gargantuan child’s toy, more than 50 feet high, a gleaming form smack in front of the baroque National Palace. At night, the pyramid’s slanting white walls became a video-mapping screen that told a dramatic animated story of the rise and fall of the Mexica, or Aztec Empire — an event that took place 500 years ago, right on this spot in a city on a lake that was once called Tenochtitlan.

….It was a weird scenario in a country accustomed to contradictions. Mexico is at once rich and poor, tolerant and conservative, low-brow and refined. It is proud of its pre-Hispanic millenary history, yet still unable to reconcile with it.

Los Angeles Times

Japan Forces Trans People to Be Sterilized to Change Their Gender. This Man Is Suing

Japan is far from the only country with such requirements for trans people.


Islamic State claims Afghanistan mosque bombing that killed 47 people

The Islamic State group claimed responsibility for a deadly suicide bombing on a Shiite mosque in southern Afghanistan that killed 47 people and wounded scores more. 

CBS News

China isn’t about to invade Taiwan. But the two sides are on a dangerous path

Taiwan’s Defense Minister, former general Chiu Kuo-cheng, stood in front of the island’s legislature last week and made a dire prediction — by 2025, China will be able to mount a “full-scale” invasion of Taiwan.

The dramatic statement came after China sent its highest number of warplanes yet into the skies above waters southwest of the island. But despite the rhetoric and the military saber-rattling, analysts agree China is unlikely to invade Taiwan anytime soon, with one expert adding the chance of invasion in the next 12 months is “close to zero.”


Maroons in the Caribbean Are Fighting for Political Power

Their collective resistance and rebellion helped change the course of history. Marcus Garvey, the famous Pan-Africanist, was the son of a Maroon, while Dutty Boukman, a Senegambian Vodun priest, helped start the Haitian Revolution. 

Teen Vogue

This site is an important piece of Filipino American history. Climate change is destroying it.

Randy Gonzales grew up fishing with his father around the murky marshlands of St. Malo, a former village along the shore of Lake Borgne in Louisiana’s St. Bernard Parish.

What the fourth generation Filipino American did not know at the time was the deep, hidden history of his own heritage: More than a century ago, long before the Civil War, St. Malo was the first permanent Filipino settlement in the United States.


France’s Macron calls 1961 massacre of Algerians an ‘unforgivable crime’

Emmanuel Macron on Saturday denounced as an “unforgivable crime” a bloody crackdown on Algerian protesters by police in Paris 60 years ago, the strongest recognition by a French president of a massacre in which many bodies were thrown into the River Seine.


Oklahoma Woman Found Guilty of 1st-Degree Manslaughter After Suffering a Miscarriage

Prosecutors on the case blamed the woman’s miscarriage on her drug use, but some advocates argue that the conviction is not in line with the law


A US small-town mayor sued the oil industry. Then Exxon went after him

ExxonMobil and its allies have accused Dedina of colluding with other public officials across California to extort money from the fossil-fuel industry. Lawyers even searched his phone and computer for evidence he plotted with officials from Santa Cruz, a city located nearly 500 miles north of Imperial Beach.

The Guardian

From vaccines to testing: What travelers need to know before the new US travel system on Nov. 8

The White House announced Friday that a new air travel system will go into effect Nov. 8, allowing entry for fully vaccinated foreign tourists. The system is set to launch more than 20 months after the U.S. began imposing travel restrictions to prevent the spread of COVID-19

USA Today

‘This is the future’: Black Senate candidates crush fundraising expectations

Across the Senate map, Black candidates posted blowout numbers in the most recent campaign reporting period.


Native Americans Demand Fox News Apology, Firings Over Outrageously Racist Comments

Rachel Campos-Duffy said Native Americans’ struggles have “everything to do with government dependency … alcoholism and family breakdowns.”


Up to 17 U.S. missionaries and family kidnapped in Haiti

As many as 17 American Christian missionaries and their families, including children, were kidnapped on Saturday by gang members in Haiti’s capital of Port-au-Prince, U.S. media reported.


Colin Powell, military leader and first Black US secretary of state, dies after complications from Covid-19

Colin Powell, the first Black US secretary of state whose leadership in several Republican administrations helped shape American foreign policy in the last years of the 20th century and the early years of the 21st, has died from complications from Covid-19, his family said on Facebook. He was 84.