The Li’l’ Boo Night Thread (10/17)

At Halloween Horror Nights Orlando 2021, there is a standout original house. That house is called Wicked Growth: Realm of the Pumpkin. It concerns the intrusion of the Pumpkin Lord, a malevolent deity who spreads his corruption through the seemingly-innocent celebration of Halloween, into the mortal realm.

My first-hand photographic evidence of the Pumpkin Lord

The Pumpkin Lord is heralded by a variety of seemingly-innocent creations, including a panoply of jack-o-lanterns that guard the entrance to Wicked Growth. The most famous of these jack-o-lanterns, whose distressed and dismayed visage has taken on a life of its own, has acquired the cognomen ‘Li’l’ Boo’.

My first-hand photographic evidence of Li’l’ Boo

Li’l’ Boo’s evident distress has made it the hero of a generation. It has been taken up as a de facto mascot of the Halloween Horror Nights event, to the extent that he corporate Twitter account placed it in the center of the entire park’s entrance.

As the Pumpkin Lord’s influence waxes, so too does Li’l’ Boo’s. All hail!