Werewolf 165: The Americans – Day 2

After witnessing one of the mail robots get disassembled, Liam Tobor was a little on edge the following night. Even owith his genius disguise of a top hat and mustache, he was afraid that someone would see through him, and he would have nowhere left to run.

.. - .-..-. ... / .- / -.- -. --- -.-. -.- --- ..- -

Just have to outlast all these other people who are hiding in plain sight. Then I can live in peace, he thought to himself.

While roaming the office floor, Liam decided to give a message to someone, when he suddenly heard something behind him.

.. ..-. / .-.. --- --- -.- ... / -.-. --- ..- .-.. -.. / -.- .. .-.. .-..

Slowly, he did a 3-point turn in the hallway to find a possum with a pumpkin around its body, wielding a screwdriver.

“Time to find out what makes you tick,” the possum grinned.

Liam tried to scream, but alas, mail robots lacked the technology capable of giving them cognizant speech.

- .... . -.-- / .--. .-. --- -... .- -... .-.. -.-- / .-- .. .-.. .-..

Nate the Lesser/Liam Tobor has been disassembled. He was Mail Robot (secret role).

“Interesting,” the possum pondered while observing the parts that piled before him. “Well, time to get going.”

“I’m afraid you won’t be going anywhere.”

.. -. / --. .- -- . ... / .-- .. - .... --- ..- - / ..-. .-. --- -. - .. . .-. ...

The possum looked up to see a man with a gun pointed right at him.

The possum dropped down and began to plead, “You wouldn’t kill me, would you? I have a–“

“I don’t want to hear it. You’re an enemy. It doesn’t matter what you say. It’s my duty to take you out to protect my country.”

.-- .- .-. / .-- .. - .... --- ..- - / - . .- .-. ...

And with that, the shot was taken, and the possum, who had played dead so many times before, wasn’t playing anymore.

Hoho/Pumpkin Possum has died. He was вербовщик (wolf recruiter) AND Elizabeth Jennings (secret role).

.--- . ..- -..- / ... .- -. ... / ..-. .-. --- -. - .. . .-. . ...


13 Citizens (Town) – win when all KGB operatives are dead and no other conditions interfere.

  • Patriots (Vanilla Town) – Have no power except the mod-given right of democracy during the day.
  • [CLASSIFIED] (Investigator) – Can see if someone is a citizen (town) or a KGB operative (wolf). If they hit an operative, that operative will be bugged, unbeknownst to the operative. If the investigator is killed after having bugged an operative, the other KGB agents will find the bug and kill the bugged operative as a traitor (note: this will not occur if the bugged operative is the only wolf left). They can only bug up to one living KGB operative at any time.
  • [CLASSIFIED] (Jailer) – Can prevent someone from performing a night action and from being killed. They cannot jail themselves nor can they jail the same person two nights in a row.
  • [CLASSIFIED] (Vigilante) – Can choose someone to kill each night in the name of justice. However, if they kill two citizens, they will turn in their weapon, unable to use it for the remainder of the game.
  • [CLASSIFIED] (Backup) – When the first of the town roles dies, they will fill in for them as a replacement. They will not be given information on their predecessor’s actions.

2 KGB operatives (Wolves) – win when their numbers are equal to/greater than that of town’s and no other conditions interfere. Each operative will take turns carrying out the night kill.

  • блокатор (Role blocker) – can prevent a citizen from doing anything that might do damage to the operatives’ plans. They cannot block the same person two nights in a row.
  • вербовщик (Recruiter) – can convert one patriot to join the Russian cause. If they pick a non-vanilla player or if they or their target are jailed, no recruitment will occur that night.
  • шпионы (Vanilla Wolf)

There are also secret roles hidden among the players, some of whom have their own win condition. These roles will not be revealed until their deaths. The game will end if any secret win condition is met before either town or wolves’ win conditions are met; players will be warned if and when that becomes a possibility.


  1. Goat
  2. Lamb
  3. Nate Mail Robot (secret role)
  4. Copywight
  5. Hoho вербовщик/Elizabeth Jennings (wolf recruiter/secret role)
  6. Jake
  7. Gramps
  8. Spiny
  9. Lindsay
  10. Raven
  11. Marlowe American patriot (vanilla town)
  12. Queequeg
  13. Emm
  14. Kim
  15. Tiff
  16. Cop
  17. Wasp
  18. Bones


  1. Indy
  2. Plow


Order of actions: Jailing/Blocking, Investigation, Recruitment, Kills

Ties will result in all players with the most votes being killed.

No editing comments or quoting directly from QT’s. Failure to comply may result in a mod-kill.

Please be respectful towards everyone. Attack arguments, not people. This is just a game, and we are all here to have good time.


Twilight will be on Thursday, October 14 at 4 PM MDT/12 AM CEDT.