Ted Lasso Season 2 Discussion (Yeaaaaaaah)

What was the 2020 pandemic’s ultimate comfort and feel-good show became the 2021 pandemic source of ire for a lot of people it seemed. I appreciated how season 2 was just doing what it was doing and the best aspects of the season, namely revolving around Ted and struggling with therapy, ultimately made it worth watching after having a season of him always being the shining beacon of hope for everyone else. I don’t think everything worked, and with how hard the show goes on it’s themes about fatherhood could honestly be cloying at times (unpopular opinion: didn’t like the Rick Roll at the funeral), but I think it pulled through with the last two episodes of the season.

For a much thorough breakdown of season 2 I highly recommend Film Crit Hulk‘s episodic reviews (free to read on his Patreon).

S2. E1.

S2. E2.

S2. E3.

S2 E4.

S2 E5.

S2 E6.

S2 E7.

S2 E8.

(No episode 9 review!)

S2 E10.

S2 E11.

S2 E12.

Here’s to you Nate, you wanker.

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