Night Thread Visions (10/9)

Hello, I am once again suggesting that you watch Star Wars: Visions, in case you didn’t notice that a cool Star Wars things dropped on Disney+ last month, and you’re the type of person interested in cool Star Wars things.

Star Wars: Visions is a 9-episode anthology series, in which various anime studios have been allowed to do whatever they want in the Star Wars universe through one-off stories. The best of these episodes are visually beautifully and feel like they refreshen the Star Wars universe with some new excitement. The majority of episodes I would admit are just between decent and pretty good – but still appealed to me as someone interested in getting more Star Wars but not super eager to jump into complicated extended cannon. The episodes don’t ask you to know more than the basics of what defines Star Wars, and that makes them feel really accessible.

And if you’re thinking you’re interested in this but don’t really feel like watching all of it, I would recommend at least taking a look at three episodes I would enthusiastically recommend at the stand outs of the collection: The Duel, The Village Bride, and The Ninth Jedi.