Bob’s Burgers/The Great North: “Crystal Mess”/”The Great Punkin’ Adventure”

Thoughts: I got a bit busy this week, so I’ll keep my reviews a bit short.

I thought this episode was a step down from last week’s great premiere, but it still offered enough fun to keep me entertained. Bob and Linda using pickling to keep their food from going bad is very relatable, and I especially laughed when Bob tried to serve the vegetables and fruits to Teddy, because we can all relate to those who hate wasting food, me included! Unfortunately, the rest isn’t all that funny.

The main plot was generally decent as well. It got a little predictable towards the end with the crystal breaking, but I legitimately would have not thought Tammy stole it. I thought Louise stole it at first, but once the montage of the kids searching for the crystal came in, I realized that was not the case. Overall, a decent entry but not one I’d put on my top for the season for sure.

Thoughts: This second episode is more or less the same quality as last week. I really liked that Beef continues to be a good dad to the kids, and I smiled when he let Ham write his song, which actually encouraged him to change it to please his dad even more. It proves the family has such a loving and unbreakable bond you don’t see in a lot of other adult cartoons. The small-town movie was nice too.

The episode does lack in laughs though. I didn’t find much of it all that funny. Still, this is only the start of the second season, and usually shows tend to pick up shortly thereafter. Look at the cancelled Bless the Harts for example. The first few episodes in season 2 are a bit slow, but once the Halloween “Dead Mall” came in, it was consistently putting great episodes, with the occasional stumble here and there. I have faith that North will do the same. Lizzie and Wendy are very talented writers and producers. They’ll make it work.

Scores: Bob’s Burgers 6.5/10, The Great North 7/10