Avocado Weekly Movie Thread (10/5)

Welcome to the Weekly Movie Thread! This is your place on the Avocado to talk about movies with your fellow film buffs here on the Avocado. Have you seen anything new? Recommending a classic? Have you discovered a film more people should know about?

We’re entering October, which means a whole slew of spooky prompts for this month. We’re also currently embroiled in an extended period of time that, whether it was Halloween or not, we were wearing masks in public pretty much full time.

Masks have been on our minds a lot. They’re not just for masquerades anymore.

Phantom of the Opera (1925)

Masks can be used to heighten the terror in horror films. Michael Myers and Jason Voorheis can attest to this power.

They also heighten the dreamlike atmosphere in a surreal film. Think Tom Cruise’s unsettling mask in Vanilla Sky.

Super Infra-Man

They let a superhero protect their loved ones by hiding their secret identity. It is a crucial aspect for both Batman and Spider-Man.

Or they can make Jim Carrey’s face even more cartoonish than it already is. Can somebody stop him?

The Mask

This week’s bonus prompt: what is your favorite mask in film?

Next week: zombies