The Mixte Night Thread

Night Three of Shows That You Should be Watching According to Me. Alas, this is the last of the series, so I will not be approaching Bresson’s Night Thread dominance.

Mixte, also known as Voltaire High on American Prime, was brought to my attention by a friend, who happened to create it. It’s set in France in 1963 as L’ecole Voltaire integrates 11 girls. I was expecting a boys vs girls show, but it’s an ensemble cast that focuses on both the students and the staff.

My friend warned me, “it’s very French”

The clothing and style is fabulous as it’s a period piece and French. I had previously been warned that all French tv is bad, but Mixte’s cinematography caught my eye and I was surprised by the topics that were addressed. It is well worth the watch and at eight episodes, the season goes by quickly. Vive la France!