AEW Grand Slam

The Weekly Wrestling Thread Sells Out The Arthur Ashe Stadium


One of the best televised matches of all time occurred this week, when Bryan Danielson and Kenny Omega fought to a time-limit draw in front of the largest non-WWE audience since 1999 (according to Dave Meltzer). Did you catch it? Is it the best TV match you’ve ever seen?

Also announced this week was that the company is partnering with the Owen Hart Foundation for numerous projects, including action figures, as well as an annual Owen Hart Cup Tournament, which will see the winner receive a Cup known as “The Owen.”


The usually-prestigious G1 Tournament began last weekend, albeit somewhat diminished this year without so many of the company’s foreign talent, including Will Ospreay and Jay White. What might next year’s be like though, if the world is in any way or shape better? Who would you like to see compete – CM Punk, Bryan Danielson, Kenny Omega…?

Anyways, the highlights from the first two nights were obviously Okada vs Tanahashi and Ishiii vs Shingo. Zack Sabre Jnr and Naito also put on a great match, but Naito was badly injured, having to drop out of the tournament entirely. Knee injuries are always terrible to recover from.


The infamous “Plane Ride from Hell” episode of Vice’s Dark Side of the RIng aired last week, the fallout of which is still reverberating throughout the industry. NXT 2.0 continued this week, whilst Gran Metalik has apparently asked for his release from the company. I would really, really love to see him anywhere else.

Oh, also Extreme Rules is this coming weekend, apparently.


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