The Great Penske/Funcooker Challenge!

"Don't You Know the Postmaster Genderal?/He's A Bubble Boy!"

Happy Tuesday and for the first time in well over a year welcome to the Frinkiac Challenge! This used to be a regular feature that I post way less often now because I’m directionless garbage, but it’s pretty simple to explain. Just use,,,,, or any similar site you might happen to be familiar with, to juxtapose screencaps from some of the Avocado’s favorite shows with quotes from our dedicated theme of the week.

This week to celebrate the two newest arrivals to the genre of TV show search engine/meme-makers, let’s combine screencaps from Seinfeld with quotes from 30 Rock, or quotes from 30 Rock with quotes from Seinfeld! (Or, I suppose, if you wanted to use quotes from either one in Frinkiac, Morbotron, or Master of All Science, I guess I couldn’t actually stop you.) It’s easy and lots of fun!

Next Time: Adult Swim!