Let’s Talk Arrowverse – Oh, *%#@, We’re Doing Guardian Again

Once again, still catching up on Stargirl, but I have seen the latest of Legends and Supergirl, and have time to write down just a few thoughts.

For Supergirl, something bothered me about the evil foster parent. It’s not just that, whenever we see that sort of group home on television, it always turns out to be either abusive or neglectful. I’m more concerned by what exactly is going on with those power dampening cuffs.

When we saw the cuff used on that one kid, they were obviously in pain, which suggests one of two things. Either the cuff blocking their powers like that causes pain as a side effect, in which case … I’m not sure the foster parent did anything wrong, if that’s the only way to reign in a superpowered child throwing a destructive tantrum. Or it could be that suppressing powers doesn’t cause pain, but the cuff has shock collar properties built in as a secondary function, in which case … who the hell authorized putting those on children!?

As for Legends, a lot of stuff went down in this penultimate episode of the season: we learned Bishop’s plan and Spooner’s convoluted backstory, and saw the apparent deaths of two Legends. And I just keep thinking that Behrad’s been off the ship the last couple eps, so he doesn’t know about any of this. Is he gonna come back in the finale and be like:

Question of the Week: You can pick any two superheroes or villains and have them swap costumes for an episode; who do you choose?