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The Lady Frankenstein Day Thread (September 5, 2021)

There was over a hundred films made during the 20th Century featuring one version or another of Mary Shelley’s Monster, but none also featured the lusty performance of actress Rosalba Neri, the Italian Giallo star, as Tania, Baron Frankenstein’s daughter. Lady Frankenstein was released in 1971 and is a classic mix of the Hammer Horror films and European Grand Guignol. The Baron – played here by Joseph Cotton – works on building his modern Prometheus to a tragic end, and Tania (a licensed surgeon herself, handily) vows to continue his experiments, to possibly sexy – or horrific – results.

This version of Shelley’s novel bears little resemblance to its source material, although it does feature a lot of bare breasts. The Monster makeup isn’t particularly great, and Riccardo Pizzuti’s performance consists entirely of shambling and bear-hugging unfortunate souls, but Neri’s performance makes this B-movie classic worth watching; versions of which are freely available online.

Have a Sunday funday and take care of yourselves, Avocados!