Marble League 2021

Marble League 2021: Events #13-15

In today’s Marble League recap, we’re covering the Elimination Race, the Sand Rally, and Football Soccer.

The Elimination Race sees the marbles racing down a Gravitrax obstacle course, knocking out the last-place finisher at the end of each round. Ball bearings and movable plastic pieces add to the confusion. The Thunderbolts manage to make the top 3 but then lose the penultimate race, giving them the bronze. In the final race, the Crazy Cat’s Eyes come in second, netting them the silver, and the Hazers finish first, which earns them the gold.

The Sand Rally should be familiar to anyone who has been following Jelle’s Marble Runs; this outdoor event is part of why the channel has become so popular. This particular version of the Rally has marbles racing in two heats of eight athletes, with the top four finishers moving on to the finals. In the final race, the Shining Swarm win bronze, the Gliding Glaciers get the silver, and the Crazy Cat’s Eyes come out on top with the gold.

Marble Soccer is similar to Marble Hockey: teams roll into an arena and try to knock balls (or pucks, in hockey’s case) into the opposing team’s goal. It’s one of the most physical and violent sports in the Marble League, and there’s a high potential for injury. After several rounds of bracket competition, the Hazers beat the Rojo Rollers in the bronze medal match. Then, in the final, the Gliding Glaciers shut out the Chocolatiers for the gold.

After these events, the Raspberry Racers are still on top in the overall rankings, but the Hazers have shot all the way up into second place, with Mellow Yellow not far behind in third.

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