The Petulia Appreciation Night Thread (9/1/21)

Someone can and should do a whole thread or series devoted to Terry Pratchett, but I’m sleepy, so I’ll leave it at this: My favorite thing about Terry Pratchett is how kind he is in his novels. He’ll ruthlessly dissect a character who deserves it, but when it comes to imperfect everyday people of the sort we are or have encountered, he’s quite good at pinpointing our foibles without derision.

Take this description of Petulia from A Hat Full of Sky:

Many of us know someone like that. Heck, some of us are someone like that (*tugs collar*). But Pratchett, while not particularly interested in Petulia, treats her with empathy and respect. And sometimes Petulias can surprise us.

Have a great Night Thread, Avocados! Stay cool!