Let’s Talk Arrowverse – Kara’s Back, From Outer Space

A big week in the Arrowverse, as Supergirl returns to our screens, resuming its sixth and final season. Which means the return of everyone’s favorite character: William! Did you remember that he exists? ‘Cause I sure didn’t.

Something that bothered me in this ep was how Zor-El kept saying Earth’s pollution of the oceans is the same thing that happened on Krypton, and is leading us towards the same fate. Are they actually saying that dumping trash in the ocean causes planets to explode? It feels like there’s a missing layer of metaphor there.

Still, it led to the Superfriends fighting a giant garbage monster, which is so fun all my complaints get reduced to quibbles.

I still haven’t caught up on Stargirl yet, but I am up to date on Legends of Tomorrow, and liked this latest episode a lot. Jes Macallan and Matt Ryan got to do some BIG acting this week, and they both absolutely nailed it; brought in dumptrucks worth of waterworks.

I know Bishop is a somewhat divisive villain, but I personally think he’s great; a real nice blend of amusing and menacing. However, I will say he hasn’t been done any favors by this season’s odd plot structure. The Bishop plot was seemingly wrapped up for good in episode seven, after which we spent a third of the season on standalone episodes with nary a mention of this ambitious weirdo, till suddenly he comes back in full force.

I wonder if this was a Covid related decision? Like, in case production got shut down mid-season, they didn’t want us to be stuck with a bunch of unresolved plot threads and the show’s power couple still separated. So they made sure to finish that storyline up quick, and are only resurrecting it now that they’re pretty confident it won’t get interrupted. But that’s just me spitballing.

We also got some big news about the “five episode event” that The Flash will be doing to kick off its 8th Season in November. It’s going to be called “Armageddon”, and the guest characters we’re getting … well, for the sake of spoilerphobes, I’ll save that for the comments down below.

Question of the Week: What’s your favorite separated-characters-reunited moment?