The Day Thread Makes Landfall (8/29/21)

By the time this Day Thread arrives, Hurricane Ida will also be arriving on the Gulf Coast, likely landing somewhere southwest of New Orleans as a dangerous Cat-4 storm. Residents of coastal Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama face high winds, flooding, and heavy storm surge. Those of us a bit more inland at least only mostly have to worry about the flooding and the high winds.

*waves from 92*

Wait, maybe all these oak-lined streets weren’t such a good idea. . . .

While I’ll likely spend the storm praying to the power gods, reassuring my unfortunate houseguest from Virginia that we’ll be fine, and texting with my family to make sure everyone really is fine, some other folks will be making the best of it with long-standing traditions such as hurricane parties and the infamous hurricane cocktail.

If you want to wake up with a UTI and a wicked hangover, have I got the drink for you!

That might sound selfish (and it’s definitely a mark of privilege), but hurricane parties serve a purpose. Community members pool their perishable foods stone-soup style in anticipation of extended loss of power and ride out the storm with each other . . . and alcohol. Lots of alcohol. Of course, with the Gulf Coast states also doing a particularly terrible job of managing COVID, let’s hope any rum-soaked hurricane parties this year are at least masked and socially distanced.

As has been noted 18 million times in media coverage of Ida, August 29th marks the 16th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina as well. You know who else made landfall on August 29th? Yours truly! Today is my 43rd birthday, and I love my birthday despite all, so yay me!

Have a great Day Thread, Avocados! See you on the other side!