The Friday Politics thread asks qu’est-ce que c’est?

Good morning Politicadoes and Happy Friday. It’s been a bad week both here and abroad so I’ll just cut to the RoRo anecdote.

Last weekend Wifebaby went to a party that RoRo and I were not invited to, so we stayed home and spent our time doing what RoRo likes best, aka Dance Party!” Usually I just keep on my “everything I ever liked on spotify” playlist, which is how we listened to Psycho Killer. I thought nothing of it until yesterday when RoRo was just roaming around the house saying “psycho killer”. “Psycho Killer, Daddy!” I have to admit it was a tad creepy.

Oh also, she’s refers to Weird Al as “Weird Owl”

All rules and regulations apply. The Garrison-Owens Moratorium is still in effect. No Hog Poggling. No Nog of any kind. Be kind and do not specify harm against any individuals.

Happy Friday!