The History Thread Sticks it to the Secesh

Thanks to Dave and Colm for filling in while I was preparing for/on vacation. I will share some pics in the comments below, but I wanted to draw your attention first to this most awesome of battle flags.

In keeping with our recent theme, this is the battle flag of the 22nd United States Colored Infantry Regiment. Raised in Philadelphia in 1863, it consisted of freedmen from Pennsylvania and New Jersey, including several from the present writer’s area (the only such Colored regiment to recruit here). The regiment was attached to the Army of the James from 1864-1865 and took part in the Siege of Petersburg, the occupation of Richmond and the pursuit of John Wilkes Booth after Lincoln’s assassination. Its colonel was Joseph Barr Kiddoo, later an assistant director of the Freedmen’s Bureau. The 22nd lost 72 men in combat and 145 disease over the course of the war.

The header image is from the 2nd New Jersey Brigade, a reenactor’s group which represents both Black and white Union regiments from that state during the war.