Avocado Weekly Movie Thread (8/24)

Welcome to the Weekly Movie Thread, your place on the Avocado to discuss film with your fellow commenters! Have you seen a movie that you’d like to recommend? Or perhaps you’ve seen something awful and you want to warn everyone off? Something new in theaters? Something classic on streaming?

Today’s bonus prompt: what is the first R-rated film you remember seeing?

For me it was likely a heavily edited version of RoboCop. A lot of the violence was toned down, especially the scene where Murphy is murdered. And the swears were replaced with more tame insults like “airhead”. If you were wondering why R-rated films became such hits with kids in the 80’s, it’s because these edited versions would be aired regularly on primetime network TV. Still, despite the rating, it was still quite bloody and probably rated a hard PG-13.

As for my first non-edited R-rated film? My guess is that it would have been one of the films that came out when I started college. (I didn’t have much opportunity to go during my high school years.) So looking at the films that came out that year, it probably would have been Interview With A Vampire. A movie where Tom Cruise was at the height of his stardom and Brad Pitt and Kirsten Stewart near the beginning of their careers. Unlike RoboCop, it did not get a Saturday morning cartoon series.

Next week: fixing problematic movie elements