Werewolf 161 – The Suffering Game 2 Signups

This is The Suffering Game 2: Run Away to Wonderland.

Not every adventurer fits into this fantasy kingdom, its peoples, its rulers. You are some of those adventurers, and you are dissatisfied with your lot in life. You yearn for more. Wonderland has returned under new management. Here, you shall find Wonderland, where your heart’s desire, whatever it may be, can be rewarded to you … for the right price. The promise of Wonderland has become powerfully true. It now really can and will deliver the heart’s desire of those who visit. The alluring mystique of the Felicity Wilds, and the intoxicating temptations in the New Age of Wonderland, are mighty indeed. You shall…Nay, you must find your destiny. You must seize your heart’s desire by any means necessary. You’re going to Run Away to Wonderland.

Factions and Rules:

Every player is an Adventurer, and among those Adventurers are Saboteurs employed by an unknown source. There will be 18 to 24 players in total. The total pool of Adventurers are divided among a seres of alignment-neutral Adventuring Parties. That means that both Town and Scum will once again be present within each Party. There are new guidelines in place to carefully proportion number of scum to number of Adventuring Parties, to ensure the risk of multiple wolves in every party and prevent Parties from becoming instantly cleared, thus providing a major balancing fix from our previous round of The Suffering Game. There will be separate QTs for each of these Parties as well as for scum and various other roles.

A key mechanic of this game is oriented around serious roleplay. It’s okay for your character to reach beyond the traditional confines of a Dungeons and Dragons setting, within reason, but if you’re not comfortable with what’s being asked of you for this game, then you might want to sit this game out. Anyone’s decision to opt out will be understood, accepted, and respected.

We are asking you, all our prospective players, to think of what you personally, sincerely want most of all, and act as if victory will give it to you. You don’t have to volunteer what it is, just play with it in mind at all times. If you’d like to fully fictionalize your character and their personal heart’s desire instead, feel free to. 

In the new Wonderland, adventurers really can be rewarded with their heart’s desire, but only if they truly play for keeps. Innocent Adventurers and scheming Saboteurs alike are eligible for victory, but only if they’re ultimately willing to put themselves ahead of even their own factions. There will under no circumstances be opportunity for a traditional faction win of any kind, no last minute compromises to that like last time, only the purity of a single player’s victory earned in blood. Manipulate, betray, and cut throats on your way to absolute victory.

Adventurers (Townsfolk) 

Your goal in Wonderland is not only to secure victory over the rival Adventurers, but to successfully excise all infiltrators within your Party, infiltrators who will sabotage your Party as agents of Wonderland. Traditional voting to kill one player during each Day phase is simply one of many tools available to you to conquer your opponents (and eliminate the wolves).

  • Various Vanilla adventurers
  • The Twins: Secret siblings who trust each other completely and communicate in secret. (Masons)
  • The Protector: An adventurer who loves their comrades so wholeheartedly that they will keep them from moving or acting at all during the night. (Jailkeeper)
  • The Boy Detective: An intrepid young adventurer who simply can’t resist any opportunity to sniff out a mystery! They will try to determine the identities of Edward and Lydia’s agents during the nighttime. (Cop/Investigator)
  • The Peacemaker: A zealous adventurer who has one chance to secretly attempt to remove one saboteur in the night. (Vigilante, can only target wolves, not just somebody they know is in a rival Party)
  • The Raven’s Prophet: An adventurer with mysterious connections to the beyond, who receives guidance from the Astral Plane in the night. (Receives one random message from the Graveyard during each Night Phase)

Saboteurs (Wolves) 

The Hosts of Wonderland will do everything they can to rig the game against its participants. They have employed this team of undercover individuals and secretly seeded them within all parties of Adventurers in order to sabotage them at any cost and ensure victory for Wonderland.

  • Vanilla Infiltrators
  • The Mysterious Boss: The disguised Lich hidden amongst the Adventurers attempting to further compete and rig the dungeon beyond their means by employing the Saboteurs. A Boss must always be in play, so if they are eliminated, there will be a recruitment (Alpha Wolf)
  • Saboteur Captain: The leader of the saboteurs and infiltrators may occasionally receive direct orders from The Mysterious Boss in a private QT.
  • The Lonely Journal Keeper: An infiltrator who quietly observes and records notes on the Adventurers they are ingratiated with. Once per night they can attempt to discover the role of one Adventurer. (Wolf Investigator)
  • The Lover: A proactive and sociable infiltrator who loves to commiserate with the Adventurers, and uses this friendliness as a pretense for obstructing the actions of their victims. (Wolf Roleblocker)

There is no serial killer in this game.

These are some of the main challenges/events during this game: The first will be a daily spin of the Wheel of Misfortune. One person out of the entire group will be randomly selected to spin the Wheel at Twilight (and Morning on Day 1), and whatever they land on will have an effect on every living player for the following Day. Sacrifices will be made to abide what the Wheel has landed on. Spinning the Wheel is mandatory to advance forward to the next challenge of Wonderland. You may refuse to accept a given effect from the Wheel, but this will result in the penalty of an extra spin for the Day and a new sacrifice. Multiple spins will be mandatory in later Days. 

  • Eye – Sight: One faction must have some of their QT messages involuntarily broadcast to everyone in the next header. 
  • Skull – Death: An unexpected extra death of some form.
  • Brain – Mind: Every special night power across all players will be neutralized for one night. The wolf nightkill is the only one exempt from this. 
  • Hand or Body – A player’s ability to communicate is hampered.
  • Clock – Time: Will affect the player or all players’ time in some form.
  • Question mark – Chance: All players must keep sacrificing things for a whole day to add up to enough to satisfy the hosts. 
  • Swords – Battle: DUELS!! – Two players, or multiple sets of two players each, are paired to duel with a standard 50/50 chance of who will die, with other players being able to adjust the odds of winning.

Another is Trust or Forsake, which occurs intermittently (non-daily). Trust or Forsake pits two of the Adventuring Parties (randomly selected) against one another, as they will vote through their respective QTs for one representative in this challenge. The representative can never be the same person as before. These two representatives will choose whether to Trust or Forsake their rival adventuring party for the day. Alternative event games like Heart Attack, the heroic dating show, and Bonus Round, will occur if both representatives choose Trust. If one trusts and the other forsakes, the person who trusted dies. If both players choose forsake, a 50/50 chance will determine which of them dies. 

Yet another is Boss Rush! What is that, you ask, whether old or new? You’ll see!

This game may not be the best entry point for new players. The title really is telling you what you’re about to get into, even for those of you who played last time. Surprises await you.

When signing up, players choose between the following as their species and adventurer class. This will not affect gameplay: 

Dwarf, Elf, Human, Halfling, Gnome, Orc, Dragonborn, Aarakocra (bird people), Bugbear, Goblin, Tieflings, Warforged, Rabbitfolk, Gargoyle. 

Barbarian, Bard, Cleric, Druid, Fighter, Monk, Paladin, Ranger, Rogue, Warlock, Wizard.

DO NOT DIRECTLY QUOTE from any of your QT’s. Do not edit comments under any circumstances.

Please note that you must make a minimum of three posts per day to avoid being mod-killed.

Credit for the header art goes to Griffin McElroy himself, I think!

This game will be hosted by yours truly Lovely Bones, and possibly the delightful returning co-host Spookyfriend!

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  1. Lindsay – Catfolk Rogue
  2. Sic – Halfling Druid
  3. Hoho – Gnome Druid
  4. Nate – Aarakocra Ranger
  5. Jake – Bugbear Cleric
  6. Lamb Dance – Elf Cleric
  7. Raven and Rose – Dragonborn Wizard
  8. Wasp – Rabbitfolk Druid
  9. Grump – Halfling Rogue
  10. Ralph – Human Monk
  11. Narrowstrife – Human Wizard
  12. Josephus Brown – Kenku Monk
  13. Hayes Code – Tiefling Bard
  14. MIMO Grampa – Orc Barbarian
  15. Lord Stoneheart – Bugbear Ranger
  16. Mrs. Queequeg – Rabbitfolk Rogue
  17. Warrior –
  18. Owen – Halfling Wizard

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